HARWIN Associates Ltd is an independent Criminal Record Vetting Agency and Consultancy who is registered with the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS), formerly called Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), registration number 20109600000, as an Umbrella Registered Body to obtain Enhanced and Standard Disclosures and with Disclosure Scotland for obtaining Basic Disclosures.

HARWIN Associates was established in 2001 specifically to provide professional and dedicated facilities to Agencies, Businesses, Companies, Employers and Organisations (including Voluntary Sector) in undertaking the Disclosure Service.

HARWIN Associates has been identified as one of top 20 registered bodies within the UK.


Customer Sectors

As an open Umbrella Registered Body, HARWIN Associates provide the Disclosure Service to ALL sectors including Child Care, Elderly Care, Education, Licensing, Community Care, Health Care, Sporting Organisations, After School and Youth Clubs, Special Needs and Rehabilitation Facilities, Contractors to Hospitals and Schools, Adoption and Fostering, Recruitment Agencies, Financial Services, Medical and Dental Practices, Legal and Security Industry.

This is not a definitive list and HARWIN Associates are not restricted by organisation type, size or geographic location.